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yd2333云顶电子游戏2023年端午节放假通知/2023 Dragon Boat Festival Schedule

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Dear all,

The 2023 Dragon Boat Festival schedule is as follows,

1. 2023年6月22日(星期四)至6月24日(星期六)放假调休,共三天。

The holiday is from June 22 (Thursday) to June 24 (Saturday), three days in total.


Courses originally scheduled on June 23 (Friday) are to be made up on June 25 (Sunday), and courses originally scheduled on 25 June (Sunday) will be canceled.


During the holiday, Be obedient to the local laws and social morals, respect the Chinese traditional habits and assume relevant legal obligations,understand and cooperate with local and school rules and regulations,wish you a Safe and Healthy Dragon Boat Festival!