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yd2333云顶电子游戏yd2333云顶电子游戏/2022 National Day Schedule

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Dear all,


The holiday is from October 1 (Saturday) to October 7 (Friday).


Safety Reminders


According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, students in Guangzhou are advised not to travel to other city without school permission. Please do not participate in illegal activities, stay away from pornography, gambling, drug and working illegally.


Students must adhere strictly to relevant laws and regulations and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work. Please pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands regularly and wear masks in public places. Indoors, please open windows to facilitate air circulation and ventilation. Do not gather with crowds. Exercise regularly. Refrain from going out. Do not go to the Medium-risk and High-risk areas. Make sure to report to the class head teacher in advance when leaving Guangzhou. Report your healthy status every day by mobile phone.


Abide by the traffic laws consciously. Do not drive a motor vehicle after drinking or without a driving license. Do not drive a motorcycle illegally. It is necessary to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike. Pay attention to the traffic safety when going out.

4. 请自觉遵守中国的法律法规,遵守社会公德,尊重中国人民的风格习惯,并承担相应的法律义务。

Be obedient to the local laws and social morals, respect the Chinese traditional habits and assume relevant legal obligations.



If there are any special conditions, please contact the teachers on duty or your supervisor at first time.


Please strictly observe the holiday deadline and the university regulations. At the same time, please cherish and allocate your time, make full use of the holiday and strive to improve yourself.

祝 大家国庆快乐

We wish you a fruitful and joyful holiday !!!