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School of International Education

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The School of International Education (SIE) is an international student administrative organization ofGuangdong Pharmaceutical University (GDPU), which integrates with international student education, administration and the academic research. Since its establishment in July 2009, SIE has enjoyed steady growth and has expanded considerably in both its number of student and teaching and researching strength.

Each section of SIE has its own distinctive responsibilities so as to provide better service in student enrollment and administration, the designing and teaching of the Chinese Language programs, as well as accommodation and other consultation services. We handle international student affairs, including recruitment, enrollment, residence permit, management of student profiles, student consultation, accommodation, Chinese teaching and logistics services, etc.

SIE also offers Undergraduate Programs with Medium of English. The programs are designed for students who would like to pursue high quality degree courses of English as teaching medium, as well as an intercultural experience and exploration in China. All courses are delivered in English by highly qualified lecturers and original English textbooks and teaching materials are used. Students who satisfy all the conditions prescribed byGDPUwill be awarded Bachelor degrees. The first batch of programs available includes B.Eng. in Computer Science and technologyand B.Eco. in International Economics and Trade.

Our dedicated teachers had been engaged in teaching international students long before SIE was founded. With over 10 years of practice, our team is enriched in the teaching experiences which lead to profound teaching skills. If you are interested in learning at SIE, please feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to your prospective study in Guangzhou, the heart of Southern China.